Race along in a hamster ball trying to steer before you crash


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  • Program by Raptisoft

Living the fantasy hamster run.

If you are sick in the head and want to roll a hamster in a ball, then seek psychiatric help. If you want to play a Playstation 3 game with a hamster in a ball, then you have found the game for you.

Get To The Goal

You have to negotiate your way through puzzles as a hamster in a ball. For the most part, you are always moving and are unable to stop, and on the flat parts where you can stop, it is pointless because you are against the clock. It is not the sort of game that allows you to search around and look for things. For the most part, you are travelling at speed down a chute where you come across different objects, obstacles, holes, jumps and things you can pick up.

Very Simple Controls

You can jump with X and you can drive/steer your hamster ball with the left analogue stick. There is nothing much more to the controls. You can play with precision and even with timing, but the aim of the game is to navigate the puzzle as quickly as possible. The game mostly concentrates on speed because there is a timer and if you do not make it to the bottom before the timer is up, then you lose the level. You also lose the level if your character dies in some way, such as by falling off the track, hitting a spike, etc.

What Are The Levels Like?

The levels are mostly long and linear paths that twist and turn as you negotiate your way through them. There are a few paths you can take, when means you are not simply riding down a big slide. Each path has its own set of hazards that you are supposed to get around. Some of the sides have bumpers to stop you flying off, and others do not.

There Is Also A Stunt Mode

With this mode the camera is up in the air instead of set behind the hamster ball, and it is a whole different type of game in that it is more like a puzzle. The graphics are very cartoony and the soundtrack has a silly and quirky edge to it.


  • Great for kids or people with too much time on their hands
  • The fast pace keeps the game interesting
  • The game has a happy feel to it


  • The cartoony graphics may put some people off
  • The music may be too happy and child-like for some gamers
  • Either you love it after five minutes, or you hate it
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